Wizards of Weston Park

Shooting the breeze..I recently visited Sheffield’s Weston Park Museum’s latest exhibition ‘Magic Tricks’, although no doubt compiled to coincide with the six weeks holidays, the exhibits explored fairy tales, magic and folklore. Sadly it all was a bit haphazard, with 75% of the room featuring fictional tales and artwork, and the other fifteen on illusionary magic.

It seemed strange wandering past the lost artwork of JM Barrie while hearing the screeches of Sooty’s companion echoing through the room.

There were a number of nice pieces of ephemera from the days of Edwardian magic and also the aforementioned JM Barrie, most of which was lost on my four year old.

I think this exhibition really highlights the issue with museums at the moment, one half trying to appease the kids, the other something for the adults. There is a balance and this needs to be undertaken with a keen eye on the content and interactivity with visitors of all ages.

Rather than watching the countless clips of televised magic or looking at toy figures from the Lords of the Rings selection, we both dressed up as wizards and took to throwing wooden toys in to a large cauldron to make spells.