TV and Film Consultancy

I have a database of over thousand haunted, cursed and downright weird venues across Britain. I also have Britain’s most unique database of over five hundred witnesses to paranormal activity ranging from ghosts, ufo, black panthers to the Loch Ness monster. My contacts include authors, researchers, investigators and other people who explore the paranormal. Not only that but I’ve dealt with these contacts personally and provided Directors, Producers and researchers with some of the best paranormal consultancy in the world.

MJ Wayland’s consultancy for paranormal locations, stories and witnesses has appeared in the below:

BBC “Mysteries” 1997-1998
BBC “Esther” 1999 – 2000
BBC “Born in the Seventies” 2001 -2002
BBC “Airport” 2002
BBC “Exclusive” 2002
BBC “Inside Out” 2002 – 2008
BBC “The Culture Show” 2009

ITV “The Time, The Place” 1992 – 1997
ITV “This Morning” 2003 – 2011
ITV “The James Whale Show” 1996
ITV “Ghost Hunting with The Dingles”
ITV “Calendar” 2003 – 2010
LWT/Media Lab – “London’s Scariest Mysteries” 2002

Channel 4 “Richard and Judy” 2002 – 2004
Channel 4 “First Edition” 2000
Channel 4 “Strange Holidays” 2004
Channel 4 “Four Rooms” 2011

Channel 5 “Do You Believe In…” 1999
Channel 5 “Swapheads” 2002

Living TV “Scream Team” 2002
Living TV “World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt” – 2003
Living TV “Most Haunted” and “Most Haunted Live”
Living TV “Ghost Hunter’s International” (USA) 2009 – 2011

FOX/ABC “Scariest Places on Earth” (USA) 1998
BskyB “Sky News” 1999 – 2003
Carlton TV 1999 – 2001
Carton TV “The Last Word” 2002

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