bristol ghosts and hauntings

All Saint’s Bristol – A very English ghost story

While promoting my book “50 Real Ghost Stories” I have been interviewed by many regional radio stations, one of which was BBC Bristol. Before...
brinklow ghosts

Brinklow Hill

With its tales of hauntings, UFO activity and alleged satanic murder, Brinklow Hill, Leicestershire is one of the mysterious sites in Britain. In 2003 I...
saracen head mystery templar

Saracen’s Head Mystery?

The South Lincolnshire village of Saracen’s Head has one of the most unusual names in the UK. Its name supplies images of a village...
haughton castle ghosts

The Haughton Castle Ghost

Haughton Castle sits on the banks of the North Tyne and is a well-known area for fine trout fishing. The castle overbears the neighbouring...
lantern man ghost

The Lantern Man

Marsh gas may have been suspected to be a source of UFO sightings during the 1950’s but in the 1800’s it give rise to...

Year One Project

Ten years ago I first discussed 'Year One' - a project that would reinvestigate and evaluate 'classic' hauntings based on its contemporary evidence rather than what was written after 'Year One'. The project started successfully...

Bronte Ghosts and Legends

In the days of yesteryear it was a very serious matter to undertake a journey in Yorkshire (some might say nothing has changed). The...
haunted houses lancashire

Haunted Lancashire Families

Dramatic and often short lives were lived by some of Lancashire’s most powerful and religious families. In the face of adversity of religious persecution...

Haunted Hands of Devon

It is said that many roads in Devon are haunted, by a phantom either visible or audible to some. Often there is a vague...

50 Northern Ghosts and Hauntings

Is Northern England really the most haunted part of the UK? Sheffield lays claim to have more ghosts per mile than any other English...

Too scared to read

With the advent of writing my first major book on ghosts, it’s made me address my early influences and how they’ve shaped my approaches to paranormal investigation.
haunted farm bradford

Yorkshire Ghost Charm

On the moors just south of Bradford stands High Fernley Hall. Built in 1678, the hall was once far grander, a large mansion that...

The self-publishing demise

Something dawned on me as I was browsing through my library. I was researching a ghost sighting in Scunthorpe and then I realised – what has happened to self-publishing?

Old Haunting Ground

Today I visited an old haunting ground of mine. The Cross Keys Inn is one of the oldest pubs in Sheffield and being the only one built on holy ground.

Flashing Flowers, Glowing Owls

I’m always intrigued by really leftfield mysteries, and this one certainly seems incredibly bizarre. While researching in the Gentleman’s Magazine of 1789, I discovered a “Botanical Discovery”.