New website, new ideas

I’m back at ground zero, Year Zero.

After many years (nearly 28 years) of dedicated paranormal investigation and certainly in the last ten years or so watching pseudo-investigators come to the forefront of public awareness, I’ve decided to create my own space for my investigations and research.

You see I said the R-word there, RESEARCH.

re·search  (r-sûrch, rsûrch) n.

1. Scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry.

2. Close, careful study

It amazes me that in the last ten years paranormal investigation has split tremendously 70% ‘ghost hunters’ and 30% fringe belief investigators (UFO, Loch Ness, Cryptozoology etc), when fifteen years ago it would have been fairly even with the majority being UFO investigators. I’ve always been concerned about the lack of diversity in paranormal investigation and a great deal of the post-Most Haunted investigators I’ve talked to have confirmed such suspicions. Many will not investigate other areas of mystery, and yet the key to understanding any paranormal experience is that you understand how a witness reacts under such circumstances.

I was once asked if I investigate UFO cases by one such ghost hunter, which I replied “yes” only to have the retort “you belief in aliens?!?”. I simply replied “well you believe when a living thing dies that its consciousness carries on, so who is likely to be right?”. Of course I investigate UNIDENTIFIED flying objects, not necessarily with little green men flying them.

My life ethos is that as investigators and researchers we should look at phenomena as a whole, taking into consideration theories and beliefs but then presenting the information in an unbiased way. Let the people decide.

I hope you enjoy my website, if you have any questions or abuse, fire away.