14 years of digital photographs

Its amazing what a new year and website can do. I’ve started going through the huge amounts of digital photographs I have stored on several home computers, CDs, back up devices, USB storage etc. It’s a nightmare but also been very rewarding.

I think if anything its shown a fantastic, productive fourteen years, most of which has been dedicated to ghost hunts but its also been a time in which I got to see (and share) amazing locations and experiences.

Some of the photographs show strange and haunted locations – I’m no Simon Marsden but its been good to see venues that I’ve not visited in nearly a decade. I will have to go back to Scotland, I have some very fond and amazing memories there.

I always find it tough looking at photographs of one’s self, especially when you are on set with TV actors and psychics. I intended on placing some of the photographs online, however I think I’ll just hit the delete button and hope the new backup doesn’t hold any surprises.

Then I have to move on to the hundreds of standard photographs and its horrors and hopes they contain within.