Ghost History

Exploration of the history of ghosts and spirits through newly discovered ghost stories and theories if ghosts are real or not. Join MJ Wayland, Ghost Historian into a journey into the unknown.

The Ostrich Inn Murders

"Next event coming up, a cracker of a place. 50-60 murders have taken place at this inn by the landlord. The first documented case...

Illustrated Police News – Yorkshire Ghost

I always enjoy reading the archives of the Victorian Illustrated Police News for their plain silliness and over the top reporting.  However sometimes you...
coventry ghost scare

Strange Ghost Scare in Coventry

During my researches for Year One project I uncovered  a story that suggested St Michael’s Cathedral, often known as Coventry Cathedral, was the scene...
ghost found

Frightened to Death – by Ghosts

Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Mitchell may seem fairly unremarkable names, however both of them died of fright after encounters with ghosts. In my book “Real...
warwick castle ghosts

Warwick Castle Ghosts – A Re-evaluation

Year One continues to provide an insight into Britain’s hauntings, and ultimately raises questions about the origins of many of our best loved ghosts....
whitechapel jack the ripper ghosts

Fields of Whitechapel

There are indications that from it's early establishment Whitechapel was always going to be the place where Jack the Ripper would strike and weirdness would ensue.
braybrooke ghosts peterborough

A Braybrooke Ghost Story

A tiny village near Market Harborough was the focus of many ghost hunters in 1933 after a series of sightings hit the local and...
ghost found

At last found a ghost!

“Rumour is going about that the Psychical Society has at last found a ghost.” The Society for Psychical Research, one of Britain’s longest running psychical...
nottingham castle ghosts

A Ghost at Nottingham Castle

Is Nottingham the most haunted city in England? Nottingham Castle is one location that has its fair share of ghostly activity and here is...
spring heeled jack victorian sheffield

The Haunted Chest

In March 1950, an auction at Stanbury Manor, Morwenstow in Cornwall brought an unusual item to the fore – a haunted chest. Sadly the...