The Dark Witch Project

In 2005 I was one of the founders of an online forum and loose knit group of magickians called “Lodge of the Dark Moon”. The emphasis of the forum was to provide information to people who wished to create, explore and practice esoteric teachings at the time of the dark phase of the moon.

“The Path of the Dark Moon is to practice magick of the Dark Moon more than any other system. It also means delving into the subjects on the boundaries of magick that are not embraced by neo-paganism.”

It ran for a little over two years until changes in personal circumstances for the founders meant that the forum could no longer continue as an active, moderated and dynamic arena for discussion and development.

It’s a shame really because looking back through the archives and files of that time I now understand some of the reasons why facebook book doesn’t really breed more focused and productive discussions. And the main reasons are that Forums (at that time) allowed the user to reply in-depth and yet most people access Facebook via a smart phone, meaning the replies are usually far shorter and descriptive, as well as lacking the relevant references. I doubt companies like proboards are as busy or profitable as they were say six years ago.

Looking at the archives I realise that my outlook on magick hasn’t really changed in the last seven years but certainly my working practices have developed. After the dismantlement of the lodge I began to work with another magickian loosely called “The Hunt of the Horned Grene Man” we (it?) essentially created a system of working with the horned green man legends incidently we discovered something very strange about St George’s Day but that’s another story..