The Dark Witch Project

In 2005 I was one of the founders of the “Lodge of the Dark Moon”. It was a forum to provide information to people who wished to create and practice esoteric teachings during the dark phase of the moon
1963 occult and witchcraft

1963: Year of Magick

"I uncover evidence that the Black Alchemist could have made his first forays into the Black Arts 20 years before the famous Black Alchemist...
templar disley knights treasure

The Lost Treasure of Dinsley

According to folklore and historic records, a lost treasure chest is buried somewhere in Preston, a small village about 3 miles south of Hitchin,...
copgrove sheela na gig

Copgrove Mysteries

Little has changed in the Yorkshire village of Copgrove since the Roman legionnaires deserted the nearby fortification of Isurium Brigantum (the village of Aldborough...

14 years of digital photographs

Its amazing what a new year and website can do. I’ve started going through the huge amounts of digital photographs I have stored on several home computers, CDs, back up devices, USB storage etc.
hand of margaret clitherow relic

Search for the Saint’s Hand

(This articles dates from 1997) For six hundred years one of York’s most powerful catholic relics, the hand of the martyred saint, Margaret Clitherow had...
housesteads monk ghost

The Hooded Ones

Is Britain not the land of the Ghosts of White Ladies and Black Monks? For many years the alleged ghosts of Black Monks have...
belas knap long barrow legend

Belas Knap Haunted Burial Mound

Belas Knap, a neolithic burial mound that lies two miles south from the beautiful Cotswold village of Winchcombe is known as a place of...

Death Tokens of Wales

On the west coast of North Wales and lying between a mountain range and the sea on the mouth of the river Mawddach, Barmouth...

New website, new ideas

After many years (nearly 28 years) of dedicated paranormal investigation and I’ve decided to create my own space for my investigations and research with exclusive content.
north york moors ghosts and folklore

Hobthrush – Naked Goblins!

“Hobthrust: a good natured goblin, who assists servant maids in their early morning work, but in a state of nudity….” Glossary of Words, English...