ghost statistics

The statistics behind ghosts

The marvellous "Apparitions" by GNM Tyrrell is a book that has been a constant companion through my life as a ghost hunter/paranormal explorer. I...
haunted house

The Psychology of a Haunted House

After rereading David Taylor’s article, Spaces of Transition (At The Edge Magazine No 10 1998), I began to explore to points highlighted by both...

Too scared to read

With the advent of writing my first major book on ghosts, it’s made me address my early influences and how they’ve shaped my approaches to paranormal investigation.

The Dark Witch Project

In 2005 I was one of the founders of the “Lodge of the Dark Moon”. It was a forum to provide information to people who wished to create and practice esoteric teachings during the dark phase of the moon

The Billington Ghostly Carnival

“Millions of spiritualists find their Mecca just now in a little farmhouse which lies seven miles north of Rutland, Vermont. It is the home...

Working with the Devil (TV Production Companies)

I've been lucky enough to consult and appear on a number of TV shows from 'Ghost Hunter's International' to 'Ghost Hunting with', from 'Come...

14 years of digital photographs

Its amazing what a new year and website can do. I’ve started going through the huge amounts of digital photographs I have stored on several home computers, CDs, back up devices, USB storage etc.

Flashing Flowers, Glowing Owls

I’m always intrigued by really leftfield mysteries, and this one certainly seems incredibly bizarre. While researching in the Gentleman’s Magazine of 1789, I discovered a “Botanical Discovery”.

Interview with Frank Podmore

The year is 1892, and I am blessed to be interviewing Frank Podmore of the Society of Psychical Research and co-author with Frederick Myers...

Haunted Norton Hall

Norton Hall Sheffield sits with an area rich in ghost and folklore tales, surrounding the Hall are stories of phantom carriages, white ladies and...