Old Haunting Ground

Today I visited an old haunting ground of mine. The Cross Keys Inn is one of the oldest pubs in Sheffield and being the only one built on holy ground.

Wizards of Weston Park

Shooting the breeze..I recently visited Sheffield's Weston Park Museum's latest exhibition 'Magic Tricks', although no doubt compiled to coincide with the six weeks holidays,...

New website, new ideas

After many years (nearly 28 years) of dedicated paranormal investigation and I’ve decided to create my own space for my investigations and research with exclusive content.
ice saints

The Ice Saints

"The Others are as dead as the children of the forest , gone eight thousand years. Maester Luwin will tell you they never lived...

14 years of digital photographs

Its amazing what a new year and website can do. I’ve started going through the huge amounts of digital photographs I have stored on several home computers, CDs, back up devices, USB storage etc.
bishops house sheffield ghosts and hauntings

The Bishop’s House, Sheffield

One of the first cases I investigated transpired at a medieval building in Sheffield called “The Bishop’s House”. As well as being one of...

Too scared to read

With the advent of writing my first major book on ghosts, it’s made me address my early influences and how they’ve shaped my approaches to paranormal investigation.

Learning more about American Ghosts

I have spent nearly four months researching and delving into America's archives hunting for reports of ghostly sightings and occurrences, and what an informative...

Stonehenge Solstice from 1874 with Love

We have all seen the photos and footage of revellers at the rise of the sun on the longest day of the year at...
ghost statistics

The statistics behind ghosts

The marvellous "Apparitions" by GNM Tyrrell is a book that has been a constant companion through my life as a ghost hunter/paranormal explorer. I...